Who Am I?

Angus Chan is a Chinese man with a Scottish first name.  Everyone I grew up with thought this was unusual, but with the age of the Internet it’s actually quite common.  My wife and I are avid snowboarders (we ride Burton Boards)… less so since the arrival of our two beautiful children, enjoy the outdoors by tromping through the wilderness and paddling by canoe.

So, what will you find here?  I’ll be discussing my passions – Online Privacy, especially when it comes to social media, legislation and education; and when I have the budget to do so, helping you understand Consumer Technology (unfortunately I don’t have a multi-million dollar budget)!  If you want to read more about who I am, a summary of my 15 years in the software industry is below

I have a wide range of work experience in the software industry.  Starting with Co-op terms at Watcom doing technical support for Watcom SQL, I landed a full-time position with them after graduating from the University of Guelph. Before joining, they were purchased by Powersoft and I provided support for PowerBuilder, their 4GL develop platform (I’ve worked with Powerbuilder v3 through v8).  Eventually I became part of their Product Support Engineering team providing 3rd tier support to the front lines and providing assistance to development teams to isolate issues from within the source code.  I became known as subject matter expert on Powerbuilder and often conducted new product training for new releases.

Wanting more challenges, I moved to the Professional Services team where I did mobile device application development a few years after Sybase purchase Powersoft.  We were definitely on the bleeding edge developing applications that would work on-line and off-line, synchronizing data stored on mobile devices back to Enterprise systems (such as SAP).  I did development on on Palm devices, Window CE / Windows Mobile, Symbol, and Symbian back in the days when those platforms were in their infancy. So C++ and Java were the order of the day and even did work using AvantGo (brings back memories doesn’t it?).

Gaining valuable experience working with customers to understand their business needs and translating them into requirements, I moved to Practice Solutions (now MD Physician Services) as their senior business analyst and eventually became the Product Manager for the PS Suite EMR – a Canadian focused clinical management system (CMS) for managing a family practice.  It handles physicians billing, scheduling, patient medical records and connects a practice to any number of 3rd party systems to receive lab results.  It also has the ability to communicate with government systems as they roll out their strategies for provincial health record systems.  I coordinated the company’s provincial RFP responses for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario (successfully landing Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario).

Now I’m with Desire2Learn as one of their Engineering Directors for the ePortfolio and Learning Repository product lines.  This company designs Learning Management Systems to assist educational institutions and corporations to deliver on-line courses to students and my responsibility is to figure out how their Learning Environment should integrate with other systems such as Student Information Systems and On-line collaboration tools.  What I love about this company is how their technology can have a direct impact on how my children learn – something that will definitely keep me motivated in helping Desire2Learn build the best products possible.

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