On Strike – Is this the End of Canada Post?

It’s been about 15 years since Canada Post went on strike.  Back in 1996, the Internet and the Web was just starting to hit its stride; not many people or corporations could do their banking, pay their bills, make purchases on-line and even send e-mail.  Huge outrage occurred as people lost touch and could not […]

Lodsys Patents The Shopping Mall

Lodsys is still going after developers for their in-app purchasing patent.  A process where a user can purchase items or upgrades within an existing application… Isn’t that a shopping mall?  Consider the following: In a shopping mall, there are a bunch of stores inside of it.  Inside each store a shopper can purchase an item… […]

Virgin Mobile Fail

Way back in 2007 my wife wanted a cellphone.  Not being addicted to the Internet and web surfing like I was, she wanted a plain old phone to just call people in emergencies.  The best deal around back then was Virgin Mobile Canada – 20 cents a minute and if you gave them $100 upfront, […]

FAA Allows iPads… Alaska Airlines ditches the Flight Manual

Back in February 2011, Wired reported that the FAA provided the go-ahead for airlines to start using iPads for flight charts.  Alaska Airlines takes it one step further and is replacing their flight manuals with electronic versions viewable by the iPad.  Through testing its been reported that restoring the tablet from a crashed state only […]

First Post!

My first blog post So what technology products do I have that I’ll eventually write about? An HTPC – Windows 7 based running Windows Media Center and Boxee A Nook Color that I’ve turned into an Android Tablet, running Cyanogen CM7.  I also hacked an HTC Touch to run Android as well about a year […]