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FAA Allows iPads… Alaska Airlines ditches the Flight Manual

Back in February 2011, Wired reported that the FAA provided the go-ahead for airlines to start using iPads for flight charts.  Alaska Airlines takes it one step further and is replacing their flight manuals with electronic versions viewable by the iPad.  Through testing its been reported that restoring the tablet from a crashed state only […]

Sudden Menu Changes at LAUSD – Poor PR Continues

So LAUSD has an improved menu and the LA Times is wondering if the bad press going against Jamie Oliver had anything to do with it. On Wednesday, the LAUSD fired back with a revamped menu that officials won’t attribute to Oliver’s pressure but instead said has been in the works for some time. Among […]

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution LA – A Classic Case of Poor Public Relations

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is back on TV (ABC) and it is portraying the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in a very poor light – something that could have been totally avoided.  When a public figure, who has a captive audience and a very large pulpit to speak from (i.e. multiple syndicated television shows) asks […]

Seismologists face manslaughter charges for not predicting quake | Technically Incorrect – CNET News

Should scientists be held accountable for the results of not being able to accurately predict natural disasters?  This even happened recently in Manitoba where the government opened a dike and flooded a several dozen homes in fear that hundreds would be in danger if more rain came.  Turns out the predicted rainfall did not occur […]

First Post!

My first blog post So what technology products do I have that I’ll eventually write about? An HTPC – Windows 7 based running Windows Media Center and Boxee A Nook Color that I’ve turned into an Android Tablet, running Cyanogen CM7.  I also hacked an HTC Touch to run Android as well about a year […]