Bruce Lee and the End of Acting as we Know It

Take a look at the latest ad for Johnnie Walker Whisky and you’ll have to wonder if this is is the end of acting as we know it.  Bruce Lee, the world’s most iconic martial artist known for his philosophy on life has been ‘resurrected’ in the most realistic CGI rendering I’ve ever seen.  Take a look for yourself

Ad agency BBH in China recreated a modern day Lee in by superimposing his likeness over a body actor.  The realism of this recreation is very uncanny and almost unnerving.  If you’re an actor this may be marking the era of how your image at a particular age can be used forever!  If you have a good voice, perhaps you can team up with someone with an attractive body for future films!

It’s very ironic that BBH decided to use Bruce Lee in this manner; his son Brandon Lee was killed accidentally in a stunt during the making of The Crow and his image had to be digitally recreated to complete the film.  Who would have thought his father would follow in his son’s footsteps.

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