Technology failures from the last week

It was kind of a strange week with several technology failures occurring around the house.  For example:

  • The family digital camera, a Canon S100 failed.  The lens refuses to retract and a “Lens Error” appears on the LCD before shutting down.  Luckily there’s a service bulletin and the company should be repairing it for free.
  • My main Desktop PC, a 3 year old i7 computer refused to boot up.  After some fiddling and totally turning off the power supply and turning back on revealed a bios “check sum” error.   The PC recovered and booted again and doing some Googling this error is typical for a Bios battery that is starting to fail.  However I’d really like to know why no motherboard manufacturer ever lists the battery type so people can buy a new one without opening the case!
  • My Media Center PC (HTPC), which has been running almost 24×7 for almost 6 years had a wierd hard disk failure.  Windows Media Center reported it couldn’t write to a drive because it was full (although there is 700GB free).  Rebooted and discovered that the IDE port that my DVD player is connected to died (unable to detect anything connected to IDE 0), and a CPU fan failure.  How long the CPU fan has failed I have no idea, but the amount of heat probably not being dissipated contributed to the other failures.  Considering that it uses an AMD Athlon X2 6400 (at 125 TPW) and housed within an Antec 430 fusion case didn’t really help with heat issues.  I’m actually surprised it lasted for this long!

The camera and PC are relatively easy to get addressed.  Send the camera back to Canon, and buy a new battery – done.  My problem is with the HTPC; replacing the CPU fan looks to be difficult due to its size – Canada Computers doesn’t seem to carry 100mm fans.  Replacing the cooler doesn’t look to be an option, at least not a quick one since, the low form factor case means I don’t have much height to play with – getting something else to fit looks to be problematic.  At any rate I have a dubious processor and parts of the motherboard failing so it looks like rebuilding a new machine is in order!

Follow this blog and I’ll document the build as I choose the parts and case that I need to fit it all within my TV Stand!

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  1. dancon
    dancon at |

    Hmmm. I had the exact same Canon failure with an SD1000 about 2 weeks ago. And it had already been repaired once shortly after I acquired it in 2007. I’ve been shopping for a replacement, but maybe I’ll see what Canon Canada says about repair options.

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