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  1. Shawn McEwen
    Shawn McEwen at |

    My wife is a big fan of cut outs – sad to see it only support Apple and Android – we’re a BB family – I will need to save my receipts and upload them from home on my iPad.

  2. Peter Harris
    Peter Harris at |


    I love the idea, but there are a couple of things that make me wonder about their execution. Before we get there, let me back up.

    $20 before they send a cheque? An actual, physical cheque? What is this, the dark ages?

    Yes, it’s the dark ages. Our banking oligopoly still doesn’t have European-style deposit-only bank account numbers, and they charge ludicrous rates for Interac-over-email (why does an email transfer cost more than a cheque-plus-a-stamp?!?)

    That aside, their launch is still slightly premature. There’s no android app, though they promise one. There’s no BlackBerry or Symbian app. Or that fifth mobile OS. WinCE or something like that. Worst of all, there’s no “take a picture with a real camera and upload it to our website with your real computer” option, which is what they’ll need to capture the Nikon-wielding coupon-cutting landline-only grandparent segment of the population.

    The real kicker, though, is there is zero possibility of a payout. Each coupon can only be used once per account. I checked; there isn’t $20 worth of coupons. With all the apps they don’t have yet, it makes one wonder if they’ve finished (or even started) work on the payout part yet. They’re currently at $14 worth of coupons. Let me know if they ever break the $19.99 worth of coupons barrier.

  3. 613mortgagemoney
    613mortgagemoney at |

    I’ve downloaded the app & will make 2 purchases today that will credit me $3.50
    I guess if I can do this once a week it’s ok—I can’t stand coupons

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