Google Gives Me a Birthday Doodle!

Google's Birthday Doodle 2013
The Birthday Doodle that appeared on for my 40th Birthday.

Google decided to give me a birthday doodle!  It’s not something I was expecting, but I should have realized this was the next step in customizing the “search” experience.  Since I’m, and several million others, are on the Google+ service, the search giant has much more information on my than ever before.  Recognizing the birthday’s of their users is just a natural extension in their effort to personalize their relationship with us.

It’s actually an interesting present. Having just a fraction of the attention of the search giant is much more than what Facebook ever did for me.  Google may have been doing this for quite some time now and it’s only recently that I noticed, if so I’m going to smack myself for not capturing these over the years!

Thank you Google for the doodle and I’m looking forward to what appears next year!




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