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  1. Ian
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    Angus, great review on the Playbook. A very pragmatic review. I am on my 5th day of using a friend’s device (he gave it up after buying an iPad a few weeks back). I must admit, my sentiments toward this device echoed yours to a tee; I had absolutely no desire for one until the price drop. In fact, there isn’t any tablet on the market that interests me (maybe the new Asus, but I certainly couldn’t justify an iPad north of $500). The Playbook, with its “business” orientation, intrigues me though. As I round my 7 day mark, I am leaning towards dropping a couple hundred for a Playbook. The hardware and OS in my opinion are certainly worth it. It’s way better value than the Kindle Fire. As you also mentioned, I just hope they provide better app support. Ian.

  2. plastic
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    I have been using one for about 3 months, also enticed by the 200 price. The review is great, so I just add a few notes, specially on 2.0 (which is now official.:
    Pros: Update was fast. Can you hear us google/android? (I have a g2x and google’s upgrades are pathetic. And yes, I blame google. There. I said it.)
    Price: Agree that anything above 300 is bad. The playbook is quite decent at it’s price point.
    New FB app, messaging (notifications and integration with gmail, twiter and fb messages is perfect).
    Auto-correct (yep, that’s how sad 1.0 was – no autocorrect).
    Fast. Never crashes. Ever. Battery lasts for a long time. Screen brightness is perfect (I actually run at minimum most of the time). Build and feel is perfect. 7″ works great here (i had the flyer for a month and at 7″ their build was awkward and not comfortable as the playbook).
    The swyping metaphor for moving around apps and getting to settings is fantastic. My favorite part.

    Apps, as mentioned. Flash. It is too easy to click on a #$@!! flash add and get bumped of your screen. However, a lot of videos do not work without flash on (I wished videos would kick to the youtube app instead of browser).

    My previous experiences: Symbian (n95, n86), android (g2x, xperia, flyer), ipod touch. Mac all the way on laptop and computers, very little pc experience.

    Thanks and once again great review. here’s hoping blackberry can keep the playbook alive and well. All and all a great device and, for a year + old OS, a very good experience overall. I do recommend it, for the adventurous and patient crowd.

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