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  1. Frank Rezny
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    Here! Here! Angus, you have hit this nail so wonderfully on the head and driven it home.

    I have always been furious at those who would say “If I haven’t done anything wrong, I have nothing to fear.” Police forces and governments are like little children and greedy bastards who, when given an inch, will always push for the mile. They will abuse the limits and take license far beyond the limits as long as they can get away with it.

    The paranoia over relatively low risks and dangers is readily used by those who engage the politics of fear to pass legislation that infringes on our rights.

    Omnibus bills such as this C-52 should not be allowed to be assembled by governments. They make it too easy to slip through significant and, I would argue, arbitrary limitations on our right to be presumed innocent before proven guilty.

    How does a free and democratic society allow, for example, the police to seize property without a conviction through an arbitrary law? Seize a motor vehicle for exceeding the limit by 50 kph? I would say this arbitrary value is absurd given that the risk is variable. 58 in an 8 kph parking area probably entails far greater risk than 150 kph on a 400-series highway.

    What do you say if the next provincial government decides to change that 50 to 15?

    It is a slippery slope and we must remain vigilant about such arbitrary measures.

    The masthead of the Globe and Mail quotes Junius who said “The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures.”

    I think it is high time that Canadians read that line, internalize it and and start acting accordingly.

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